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Talk: A low-latency garbage collector for GHC
A talk given at Munihac providing a high-level overview of my concurrent mark & sweep garbage collector design for the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.
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    Nix notes
    Some notes-to-myself on Nix
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    The many arrays of GHC
    A brief summary of the many array types you'll find in a Haskell heap profile
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    Understanding GHC Core
    Everything you really need to know to understand GHC's Core
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    • wireless
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    802.11ac with ath10k
    Notes from a failed attempt at bringing up an 802.11ac adapter in master mode
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    • konsole
    Installing ZenBurn
    Configuring the ZenBurn theme in Konsole.
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    GHC and LLVM: Tests
    Results from compatbility tests between LLVM and GHC.
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    SWD with OpenOCD and a Bus Blaster
    A brief walk-through of bringing up an SWD interface with OpenOCD and a Bus Blaster JTAG adapter
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    The state of GHC on ARM
    A brief history of my efforts in bringing first-class ARM support to GHC
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    GHC on ARM update
    Status upon on my work in making the Glasgow Haskell Compiler run on the ARM architecture
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    • devicetree
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    Adventures in devicetree land
    One experience debugging the transition to a devicetree-enable kernel on the BeagleBoard