Nix notes

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    Enabling debugging for a package,

    wireshark = pkgs.wireshark.override {
      gtk = pkgs.enableDebugging pkgs.gtk;
      libnl = pkgs.enableDebugging pkgs.libnl;

    Finding the definition of an attribute

    For instance, of enableDebugging,

    builtins.unsafeGetAttrPos "enableDebugging" pkgs

    Default builder

    The definition of the default builder script can be found here,

    Basic syntax

    There are a few types in Nix, * Sets (really a dictionary it seems): { hello: "world"; theAnswer: 42; } * Lists: [ 1 2 3 ] * Strings: "hello world" * Booleans: true * Numbers: 42 * Lambdas: x: y

    Lambda syntax is a bit odd: in Haskell what we would write as \\x -> y you would write in Nix as x: y